Volkswagen research paper

The company faces potential recall costs related tovehicles, with up to 11 million vehicles possibly affected.

Volkswagen research paper

Download this Research Paper in word format. Car companies have made many promises over the years. From reduced emissions, to steady driving, to conserving fuel, car companies try to please the public with sometimes-ludicrous claims.

Volkswagen research paper

Volkswagen is one of those companies, promising their customers cars the produce less emissions. They did deliver Volkswagen research paper promise. However, that was only in test mode. In fact, their cars produced more than expected outside of test mode. Volkswagen has not been all too transparent with their emission tests.

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In fact, the company has actually cheated by giving the appearance that their cars create less pollution than they really do. The EPA discovered the true figures in recent years and revealed it to the public. This means bad news for the environment because a greater level of harmful NOx emissions that include nitrogen dioxide have been released into the air without buyers knowing.

The extra amount falls between the ranges ofto 1 million tons per year. The extra level of pollution experts suggest equal to that of pollution produced by industry, power stations, and agriculture.

Although VW stated their cars release less pollution than they really do, in reality it was purely based on a program within the engine software that allows the car to perceive if the person drove it under test conditions.

Only then would the car perform anti-pollution stops. The car was supposed to inject a urea-based solution to prevent NOx from being harmful and adjust exhaust flows and air-fuel ratios.

VW labeled the program "defeat device.

Volkswagen research paper

When it sense test mode, then it reduces emissions. When experts tested the VW cars and saw the dramatic increase in emissions, they contacted the EPA, especially after they saw the emissions were only reduced while in test mode. Essentially VW made it look like it reduced emissions while in test mode and then did nothing to reduce emissions any other time.

Fumes containing NOx are dangerous, especially when combined with other compounds.

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Studies have shown the link between high levels of NOx to an increase in premature deaths due to the increased risk of heart problems and respiratory conditions.Volkswagen Emission Scandal Volkswagen is a company headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany and is the original marquee within the Volkswagen Group.

The Volkswagen Group includes different car marquees like Bentley Motors, Audi, Automobile Lamborghini, Bugatti Automobiles, and Scania, which manufactures heavy goods .

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I write books, articles, and academic papers. Currently, I'm the Chief Technology Officer of IBM Resilient, a fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center, and a board member of EFF.

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Marketing Research on the New Volkswagen Golf - Marketing Research on the New Volkswagen Golf Marketing research aims to take some of the risk out of marketing decisions by providing information that can form part .

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