Theories of how quasars are created

When material falls into the accretion disc of a super massive black hole. Most galaxies are thought to have super massive black holes at their centres.

Theories of how quasars are created

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Were you able to complete your task? If not, why not? Supermassive Black Holes in Space Facts: Quasars and the Big Bang Theory Fortunately for us, the closest quasars are several billion light years away.

Since they are very bright, they must emit enormous amounts of energy. So to justify the existence of quasars, man created black holes "facts".

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Most if not all galaxies are believed to have supermassive black holes in their centers. These imaginary supermassive black holes in space are centered in the dense bright core of both quasars and large galaxies, the same as we see holes in the centers of hurricanes and whirlpools.

The average density of a supermassive black hole defined as the mass of the black hole divided by the volume can be very low, and is believed to be lower than the density of air.

Theories of how quasars are created

Black holes are supposedly powerful imaginary vacuum cleaners in space that suck up all surrounding matter, converting it into anti-matter, an imaginary opposite of existing matter. If its density is less than the density of air, how can it act as a super massive vacuum cleaner?

From this evolved the big bang theory. The theory evolved that quasars mysteriously derive their energy from black holes, those mysterious places less than the density of air that cannot be seen nor detected, because even the supposed negative light that they emit is supposedly sucked up.

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It is strange that these black holes are located right in the brightest portion of galaxies, since all light is sucked up. But this is explained because the surrounding space that is not sucked up is somehow energized by the matter that is sucked up. The recently repaired Hubble Space Telescope has testified to what Bahcall described as "a giant leap backwards in our understanding of quasars.

Some quasars are within 30, light years of much smaller galaxies, less than half the diameter of the Milky Way. Black holes may form in a massive galaxy old theory before the formation of bright stars new theory.

Therefore, only the quasar is visible now, and the galaxy will appear later. The light from the galaxy was sucked up by the black hole. Now we have evolved positive proof that imaginary black holes exist. We know they exist because there are galaxies around them that we cannot see. Or could it be that maybe there is nothing around these imaginary supermassive black holes that we cannot see?

We also know they exist because we cannot see them. In the process, they decided that all the unimaginably enormous mass in the Universe evolved from a pinhead that was caused by a black hole, which caused a Big Bang.

Scientists came up with another theory that stars get their energy by converting helium into carbon and oxygen through fusion, emitting neutrinos in the process.

Unfortunately, the sun, which is an easily observable star, does not emit many neutrinos. So neutrinos were thought to have no mass. This leaves a big hole in the neutrino theory. To justify the transition from helium to carbon and oxygen with no loss of mass, Singh proposed that neutrinos now actually do have mass.

This was later disproved. First, we had an original Grand Unified Force which split into weak and strong nuclear interactions, electromagnetism and gravity. New theories have now evolved that in the first split second after the Big Bang, matter changed its state. To wiggle out of this mess, Singh gives matter a second phase transition a longer time after the Big Bang, and assigns a small mass to the neutrino.

Now, wonder of wonders, there are fewer neutrinos detected from the Sun because they changed into other, undetectable varieties. This is a convenient new theory, because that darned Hubble Space Telescope also pointed out that the stars are racing away from each other much faster than the theory of evolution allows.Notably, the ultimate fate of the universe depends on three things: the universe’s overall shape, its density, and the amount of dark energy that exists.

Black holes, quasars and active galaxies. Hubble also managed not only to observe the jets created by black holes but also the glowing discs of material surrounding a supermassive black hole. This has profound implications for theories of galaxy formation and .

Theories of how quasars are created

b) Hubble Diagram. The basic idea of an expanding universe is the notion that the distance between any two points increases over time. One of the consequences of this effect is that, as light travels through this expanding space, its wavelength is stretched as well.

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