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Summer training on marketting research

For a number of reasons, the announcement raised a few eyebrows at LR Towers. For starters, we are talking about the opening of a public transport service, not the Olympics or another major sporting event. Nor is the sponsorship directed at arts programmes that a commercial company may well want to be associated with.

What seemed most curious, however, was quite why a large company as such sponsors would need to be that would naturally be aware of the need Summer training on marketting research reputational management would want to risk being associated with the opening of a transport service.

Worldwide, such events hardly have a stellar track record of passing without a hitch. Indeed the opening of the Terminal 5 building at Heathrow shows just how badly these can go wrong on launch day. On the railways, both c2c and Thameslink have shown that the introduction of a new rail service pattern can be problematic.

The risks are multiplied when new infrastructure is involved. Any company interested in such an opportunity would no doubt wish to do their homework first.

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If they stumbled across a report on Elizabeth Line Operational Readiness and Integrationissued just a few days earlier in anticipation of a TfL Board committee meeting on the following day, then they may well have started to experience nagging doubts.

Even the most non-rail minded person might suspect that such an event was not exactly normal, however much it was played down. A few innocent questions about what that meant exactly and what the consequences were might quickly persuade any interested company that there might be safer ways of achieving positive publicity.

Summer training on marketting research

The halcyon days of September Just a few months earlier, in Septemberthe picture looked very different. At Whitechapel station we witnessed the symbolic tightening of the final rail of the Crossrail tracks.

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Then things seemed well on the way to successful completion and project members clearly looking forward to the testing of the first Class train, under its own power, in the tunnels.

With a generous amount of testing time available and few apparent concerns, things were looking good. Most critically, there was still the question of signalling in the Heathrow tunnels, long seen as the riskiest issue of the project.

No such doubts were expressed, however, about being able to switch on the high voltage supply to the central tunnel catenary.

Ideally, these should have been finished months ahead of this date to enable follow-on urban realm work to commence.

And now… It is clear from the most recent TfL Board meeting that the going has started to get tough on Crossrail. Sir Terry Morgan, Chairman of Crossrail was present as an invitee to explain the current situation.

Thanks to the clear and informative testimony given, combined with other information available, it is now possible to build up a hyperbole-free account of where Crossrail stands in relation to various launch phases.

Initial launch The first stage of a five-stage Crossrail launch was supposed to take place in Maywith the phased introduction of the Class on the existing TfL Rail Liverpool St — Shenfield route.

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This was, in many ways, an artificial deadline and indeed the launch date did slip slightly. In the end, the first train carried passengers in June and initially at least only did one or two trips, additional to the standard timetable, each day. Not for the first time, some of these related to doors, as here TfL are pushing the state of the art once again.

These are a repeat of the issues that happened on the Victoria line with the Tube stock with the door closure and on the London Overground class with the DOO softwarebut of course with different stock and a different set of circumstances, albeit — like the s — by the same manufacturer, Bombardier.

As Terry Morgan was at pains to point out to the TfL Board though, this is a risk one has to accept when you strive for the best. It also makes sense to make them ultimately as reliable as possible.

The challenge appears to be getting the software to distinguish effectively between critical indications of a problem such as a scarf trapped in the doors and being pulled from the outside and non-critical indications such as clothing being pulled from the inside or someone leaning on the doors.

Whilst a bit concerning, the Victoria line has shown that this is a solvable problem — and a problem well worth tackling head-on. Today, the Victoria line regularly achieves previously unheard of reliability, without compromising safety, and the development of the hardware and software related to door closing no doubt paved the way for Bombardier and TfL to push the envelope even further here.

In a similar manner, DOO needs to be as reliable and as safe as possible. The method adopted on Crossrail of monitoring the doors with platform-mounted cameras and in-cab displays is novel on Network Rail, but standard on London Underground. It is not cutting-edge technology but it does rely on getting the basics right — such as the station lighting.

Station lighting is a decidedly low-tech area, but it was with this that issues occurred. One of the frustrations here is that not only do you have to get the lighting sorted out on all the Crossrail platforms, but you also need the work completed on the fast lines in case the signaller has to reroute the train for any reason.

TfL are a naturally picky client, as they now will have to deal with any long-term consequences of build-failures over the lifetime of the fleet. Most TOCs only really need to look as far ahead as the end of their current franchise. Indeed, in retrospect, it is surprising that TfL hoped to have six Class trains in service by September and, at one stage, even expected the whole weekend service to consist of Class trains by that date.

The reality is that the trains are still bedding in and consequently any issue is absolutely pounced on.With deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction I complete this project on “Measurement of Perception of Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) towards Birla Sunlife Asset Management Company in Mumbai & Nashik” and take this opportunity to thank Mr.

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