Cowards die a thousand deaths essay help

Death touches all, the rich and the poor, the young and the old and the ruler and the ruled. Nobody knows what happens after death. One dies leaving behind everything one has. Death has been the subject of study of many researchers, scientist, philosophers and thinkers.

Cowards die a thousand deaths essay help

It is a part of a speech by Caesar in reply to Calpurnia who warned that he should not go out as evil omens point to some danger to his life.

Caesar refuses to agree and declares that death has no terror for him. He rises above cowardice and ignores the dangers. The word "fear", he says, does not exist in his vocabulary. He throws a challenge at death and refuses to be frightened by it. He could never have been a great soldier if he had fear of death.

Nobody has ever conquered death. Death comes to all—kings and beggars, rich and poor, princes in their palaces and paupers in their huts. Death lays its hand upon all creatures. It does so without distinction or discrimination. Knowing the omnipotence of death, it is a folly for a man to tremble with fear at the thought of it.

cowards die a thousand deaths essay help

It shows an utter lack of spirit to turn pale at the mention of death. It is extreme cowardice to shrink from the dangers of life and mark of bravery to face them.

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Constant fear haunts a coward. His heart sinks for fear of death which is like a sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

The outbreak of war, a riot, the tremors of an earthquake, the prospect of a famine or a flood-all these make the coward shudder with fear because he thinks that he will be the first target.

If he stands on the sea-shore or a river-bank a wave of fear sweeps over him at the idea of being accidentally drowned. As he walks along a road, he is extra careful not to step down the pavement lest he should be run over by an omnibus.

He knows that death pounces upon a man suddenly and in a variety of ways and therefore his life is a continuous nightmare. Every time he hears that someone has died, he thanks God on his own escape. A coward suffers a thousand times more pain and agony at the imaginary prospect of death than by the event itself.

For he meets his death many times in his imagination and endures all the horror connected with it. He even goes on to imagine the sufferings that are in store for him beyond the grave. As against this, a brave man maintains an attitude of defiance towards death.

He realizes the fact that death must come sooner or later and that it is no use denying this fact. For death is an essential part of the scheme of thing: It is, therefore, vain to pity oneself at the thought of death.

Besides, with courage and resolution one may well evade death many times. Death is only a natural consummation of life. It is true that premature death is tragic and that it is the prospect of dying before the time that strikes terror into the hearts of most people. But if one is to die prematurely, no complaining or self-pity can alter the fact.

No one can foresee accidents, epidemics and other forms of sudden death. It is, therefore, meaningless to fear; it is wiser to preserve an attitude of tranquility and serenity in the face of both good and evil.Cowards die a thousand deaths essay help.

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Caesar is saying that cowards die more than once before their actual death. A person as noble as Caesar will die when he will die and it will be for a good cause, whether it is good for the people or it 3/5(3). They runaway from all dangers.

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They fear death. Hence, it has been said that cowards die several times before death.

Cowards die a thousand deaths essay help

Death is an inevitable part of life. A brave man lives life to the full, while a coward kills his conscience several times before the actual death. This is because a coward runs away from all dangers. The Sample Essay written here just to help students against Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Death Essay.

These kinds of Words should bee selected when this Essay comes in Exams. William Shakespeare — ‘A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.

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Cowards die a thousand deaths essay help