Assasins from ancients times till now

Since the nation of the Jews and Hyrcanus, their high priest, have been found grateful to the people of the Romans, not only in the present but also in the past, and particularly in the time of my father, Caesar, imperator, it seems good to me and to my advisory council, according to the oaths, by the will of the people of the Romans, that the Jews shall use their own customs in accordance with their ancestral law, just as they used to use them in the time of Hyrcanus, the high priest of their highest god; and that their sacred offerings shall be inviolable and shall be sent to Jerusalem and shall be paid to the financial officials of Jerusalem; and that they shall not give sureties for appearance in court on the Sabbath or on the day of preparation before it after the ninth hour. But if anyone is detected stealing their sacred books or their sacred monies, either from a synagogue or from a mens' apartment, he shall be considered sacrilegious and his property shall be brought into the public treasury of the Romans.

Assasins from ancients times till now

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Greece culture ministry Image caption The outline of a housing settlement has been discovered Archaeologists in Greece believe they have found the lost city of Tenea, thought to have been founded by captives of the legendary Trojan War.

They said they had discovered the remains of a housing settlement, jewellery, coins and several burial sites in the southern Peloponnese area. Until now, archaeologists had a rough idea of where the city might have been located but had no tangible proof.

The items date from 4th Century BC to Roman times.

Assasins from ancients times till now

Excavation work around the modern-day village of Chiliomodi began inand "proof of the existence" of Tenea emerged in work carried out in September and early October this year, officials said.

Carefully-constructed walls as well as clay, stone and marble floors were uncovered. Around rare coins, including one designed to pay for the journey to an afterlife, were also found. Seven graves - including one containing the remains of a woman and child - were unearthed, adorned with vases and jewellery.

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Lead archaeologist Elena Korka told the Associated Press that the discoveries suggested the citizens of Tenea had been "remarkably affluent". She said the city would have been located on a key trade route between the main cities of Corinth and Argos in the northern Peloponnese.

Little is known about Tenea, but legend has it that it was founded by Trojans who had been captured by King Agamemnon of Mycenae during his war with Troy in the 12th or 13th Century BC. The city is thought to have flourished during the Roman era but may have been abandoned by the 4th Century AD.

Ms Korka said more details about the city will emerge as excavations continue over the coming years.Aug 19,  · From the 'Until the Shadows' compilation album Released in USA, Military Special Operations from Ancient Times Till Now By Joshua Asoodeh Assassins have been in history for a very long time and have changed some of the very key events in ancient times.

For ancient Mayans, tobacco was a godlike plant that had a soul and wielded the force of lightning and thunder, said Kevin Groark, an anthropologist and Mayan expert. It provided spiritual.

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