An analysis of the hidden threads

Often I have looked back into my past with a new insight only to find that some old, hardly recollected feeling fits into a larger pattern of meaning. Griffin sets a standard few authors could meet. The Private Life of War, is about the hidden shame and pain humans carry and their consequences.

An analysis of the hidden threads

This thread is closed in the interest of containing misinformation. Please continue discussion in the original ladder analysis thread. Huge Edit Apparently one of the fundamental assumptions I made was wrong.

It seems that leagues fluctuate constantly and that the threshold for a league is not a static number. Therefore it is impossible to determine the size and scope of a league. On November 02 On October 30 However there is more divisions in brozne than in diamond, therefor there is more people in brozne.

A division is a ladder with people. And you have the same named division across all the leagues and each has people. However not all divisions have a diamond version since there is not as many diamond players.

An analysis of the hidden threads

SC2 ranks is quite accurate imo. Of course this doesn't mean that sc2ranks is inaccurate.

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There are reports on threads here saying that the percentage of diamond league players as reported by sc2ranks increased over time.

I have a huge correction on this. I don't know what the inactivity period is and Blizzard didn't elaborate, but that's the explanation. That's the reason why -- those league numbers aren't adjusted for inactivity like Blizzard's are. Wow, that is a huge piece of information.

That kinda throws my whole MMR theory out of whack if true. Where did you get this information?

An analysis of the hidden threads

From Bashiok via email. I was completely wrong. So, Diamond is rather huge. Without being able to assume that leagues are static it is very difficult to tell the point differential within a league.

The only thing that I am left with then is to say that it is still likely that MMR of top platinums is near the MMR of low diamonds and that the phenomena of the rule is probably scaled based on the league.

Blizzard is a lot cleverer than i thought. I will be taking down sc2stars. I made a website real quick so you can estimate your MMR based on the formula mentioned. Blizzard, in order to encourage players to play the game, start all players with 0 rating and increase over time.

As you gain leagues you will sometimes lose points and this varies. Also it is impossible to rate yourself against anyone else other than by comparing points and divisions. Tonight i present the unlocking of the mystery of MMR and a formula which i believe is very accurate at determining your MMR.

First off let me say that MMR contains two components, your mean and your deviation.Thread contention is a status in which one thread is waiting for a lock, held by another thread, to be lifted. Different threads frequently access shared resources on a web application.

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so for those who aren’t aware, the show has hidden things that aren’t very obvious to the general viewer and act as foreshadowing for the later events, today i thought i’d go in depth and show you them whilst talking about their meanings (once again, major spoilers lol).

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An analysis of the hidden threads