A daring escape from the rain and lightning

Note the hurricane -like eye at the center. Storms are created when a center of low pressure develops with the system of high pressure surrounding it.

A daring escape from the rain and lightning

Chapter 1 - Teresa, a white 16 year old in South Africa finds out what black African lust is. Candy was 13 years old and Teresa had just turned 16 years old. They were small girls.


Pale white skin, blue-green eyes and light blonde hair. Candy was only 4'-7"and her sister Teresa was 4'" tall. Both were intelligent, pretty and little pranksters as well. Their mother was deceased but their father had a woman living with him.

The girls did not care much for her and when not in school Their father raised strawberries and raspberries on the farm of about acres. There were several black Africans that lived on the farm and worked for him He also had part-time workers that were hired for final harvest.

The young girls were raised on the farm and as kids they had played with several of the black children.

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It was like family to them. Their father never thought much about their interacting with the black parents and kids. He took good care of the two families that lived on the farm and they in turn worked hard to make the business a very profitable one. What he did not fully realize was that his daughters were now teenagers and were budding into very adorable young women.

Toby, an African of Zulu heritage, was their father's right hand man. He had worked for him for 15 years and although he was in his early forties, he was still had a very muscular body. Toby was 6-'7" tall and black as charcoal. A very proud African and skeptical of the white control of his country but he never let his true feelings become an issue with his boss.

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Toby had seen the girls grow from babies and always had a feeling of caring for the girl's safely. He enjoyed driving a wagon with two mules to a farmer's market on the weekend. It was a small village about nine kilometers from the farm. The girls always wanted to ride with him when they could and enjoy the countryside.

A daring escape from the rain and lightning

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A daring escape from the rain and lightning

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